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Thik&Fix Trusted hair growth brand, high-quality products that prevent hair loss and promote growth. Produced in a herbal medicine ecosystem by ITMQ, a leading manufacturer and distributor.

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CEO Pham Van Hai received the ASEAN Outstanding Leader 2023 award recognized by the Department and District Competitiveness Index

"Each of our products is aimed at quality, customer satisfaction and creating value for the community"

Thik&Fix - a comprehensive set of hair care products

Thik&Fix product set won the "ASEAN Quality Products and Services" award and entered the "Top 10 - ASEAN Strong Brands 2023"

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Proteoglycan extracted from Japanese salmon nose cartilage is the main ingredient

Our company carefully selects and imports salmon nose cartilage from Japan for use in the Thik&Fix hair growth product set. The imported sources undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of effectiveness.

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  • "I've tried many hair care products, but none of them have impressed me quite like Thik&Fix. Since using this product, my hair has become stronger and more voluminous. It's really amazing! Thik&Fix is simply wonderful, don't you think, everyone? Hihi"

  • "As a man, I understand how balding can really affect our confidence. I've also struggled with a receding hairline myself. Then, while attending an event, my colleagues introduced me to Thik&Fix, a product they recommended. At first, I was hesitant and did some research before trying it out. But once I did, I was hooked! Now, my entire family uses Thik&Fix, which has a great reputation for being reliable and high-quality."

  • "The secret to my thick, voluminous, and shiny hair is none other than the Thik&Fix product line. Despite my hair being short, it's incredibly thick and healthy-looking. If anyone out there is searching for a solution to their hair troubles, don't overlook this amazing product line!"

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