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Thik&Fix Hair Growth Supplement ( 30 single-serve packets )

Thik&Fix Hair Growth Supplement ( 30 single-serve packets )

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[Backed With Science] Contains highly concentrated proteoglycans from salmon nasal supports the growth and cycling behavior of the hair follicles. Proteoglycans contain very high collagen content, which has been shown to increase the body's hair-building proteins and reduce the appearance of gray hair. The involvement of proteoglycans in hair growth has been recognized by observing increased hair growth.
[3 Packets a Day for Thicker and Fuller Hair] For people concerned about hair loss, thinning hair, or excessive shedding, Thik&Fix Hair Growth Nutraceutical is a perfect solution. It targets causes of hair thinning, moving your hair follicles into a state of active growth and stimulating blood flow to your scalp.
[Replenish and Restore] This hair supplement works as a bond strengthener that nourishes from the inside. Its powerful blend targets causes of hair thinning, reducing hair frizziness and tangles and repairing damaged hair.
[Hair Loss Treatments for Women] Thik&Fix hair growth supplement for men and women is formulated to strengthen the hair follicle while maintaining healthy hair and reducing future hair loss.
[For the Best Result] We recommend using with Thik&Fix Shampoo and Conditioner. Check out the Thik&Fix Hair Growth line for more solutions! The results have been recognized by observing increased hair growth, thicker and fuller looks.
Ingredients: Each sachet of 3g contains:
  • Radix Fallopian multiflora extract: 350mg
  • Fructus Lycii extract: 250mg
  • Radix Scrophulariae extract: 200mg
  • L-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate: 80mg
  • Fructus Mori albae extract: 80mg
  • Pollen: 50mg
  • Vitamin B5: 10mg
  • Proteoglycan -LS ( Salmon nasal cartilage extract ) : 7,5mg
  • Biotin: 10mcg

Other ingredients: PVP K30 (PolyvinylPyrrolidone k30), alcohol 96 (ethanol 96), dextrose anhydrous.

How to use

  • Use the product 2-3 times a day, each time mix 1 sachet with 4-5 fl oz of warm water and then drink the mixture.
  • Take the product 30 minutes - 1 hour after meals.


  • Do not use the product if you are sensitive to any ingredient of the product. This product is neither a medicine nor a substitute for medicine. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Average weight per sachet 3g ± 7.5%

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- Note: the inspection will not include opening the product's own seal (does not affect the sealing stamp, product packaging, expiry date, ...) or deep inspection (trial use). ,...).

- In case the shipping staff requires you to sign a record confirming that the customer has received all the products in full and intact (the co-inspection record), we encourage you to make the most of the above benefits. before signing for the best support in any situation if a return request arises.

- In case of receiving goods that do not have enough products listed on the delivery note, the customer asks the delivery staff to sign to confirm that there are not enough goods, take a photo of the product set in the witness of the delivery staff (if applicable). ) for easy comparison/checking later.

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- In case you provide the wrong delivery address information, please contact us immediately at the phone number of the consultant for the fastest help to avoid the loss of goods.

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2. How to exchange goods

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- In case the product is defective due to the manufacturer, in order to change the product, first, you need to contact Thik&Fix via Hotline: (+1)4844424367. At the same time, you need to provide video, photo evidence for damage, defect, or incorrect receipt for us to check product condition and exchange conditions to ensure product. product meets the exchange conditions.

3. Expenses related to the exchange of goods

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- In case you send a product that does not meet the conditions of return and exchange to Thik&Fix, you will have to bear the cost for us to return the product.

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4. Exchange time

- We will refund within 07 days from the date of receipt of goods in case of damage caused by errors in packaging or product packaging and 14 days in case the product is suspected to be chemically modified. part of the product or product that causes irritation on your skin - tested and certified by a medical authority (if needed).

5. Return/Refund Request Conditions

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- Buyers can submit a request for return/refund within 03 (three) days from the time the order is updated and delivered successfully.

6. In case the refund is not accepted

- Returns due to Buyer's change of mind will not be accepted.

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    At the forefront of the Pharma-Cosmetic ecosystem stands the Bigfa international-standard factory, which manufactures health food products according to the GMP and CGMP standards set by the Ministry of Health. Located in Luong Son Industrial Zone, Hoa Binh, the factory has a total area of 24,000 square meters and meets all GMP standards. With 1,200 square meters for the Health Food Production Department and 800 square meters for the Cosmetic Production Department, Bigfa is the largest clean room facility in the Northern region, representing a total investment of $15 million.

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    Big Farm is a GACP-certified cultivation area, meeting the WHO's Good Agricultural and Collection Practices standards. These practices ensure a safe and clean production environment for medicinal plants, from cultivation to usage. The goal is to prevent disease-causing agents from contaminating the medicinal materials and to ensure the quality and safety of active ingredients.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 92 reviews
      David Rodriguez

      I appreciate the results I've seen with this product. My hair is now less prone to breakage, and I've observed a slight increase in density. It's a worthwhile product if you're looking for gradual improvements.

      Chloe Mitchell

      This has delivered on its promise to reduce hair loss and promote healthier hair. While it's not a complete transformation, I'm happy with the improvements I've seen.

      David Martinez

      This has helped me regain some confidence in my hair. While it's not a miracle, it has visibly reduced hair loss and improved the overall quality of my hair. I'm content with the results.

      Zoey Davis

      Worth every cent! A 5-star product.

      Hannah Reed

      I've been using this product for a while, and the results are remarkable. My hair is luscious and full, and I have baby hairs sprouting. I'm a loyal customer for life!